Angel Maggie's
Memorial Sanctuary

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Maggie was a beautiful French Lop who was adopted by our president Aimee Dotson when she was 17 years old. She opened my heart to bunnies and their amazing personalities, ability to love, and playful spirits. Maggie was the boss off everyone and every bun that came through the doors. She was bonded to Thumper an American Sable who was also rescued by her momma when he was dumped at a vet's office nearby. 

Because of Maggie and her ability to show her mom the love of rabbits, we continue to rescue and re-home rabbits in her name.

Aimee Dotson- President/Founder of Angel Maggie's Memorial Sanctuary.

Aimee Dotson adopted Maggie at the age of 18. She has rescued many rabbits off the streets and from shelters before she ever thought about becoming an official rescue.

Cindy Phillips
Dana Felice- Treasurer/Vice-President
Dana became a bun mom on December 26, 1995 with the gift of two baby rabbits.  Bunnies should never be given as gifts but luckily she fell in love at first sight.  Determined to correct the misinformation from pet stores and breeders, she became an HRS Educator and then founded the Tampa Bay Chapter of the House Rabbit Society.  Dana also arranged for HRS to exhibit at the NAVC, the world's largest vet conference, and manned the booth for ten years.

In 2014 Dana moved to Nashville and had to disband the Tampa Chapter.  Her angels include rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.  She is bunmom to Milo and Emma, both rescues found separately in Tampa Bay parks.

Today she is the treasurer and on the Board of Directors for Angel Maggie's Memorial Sanctuary. We are very thankful to have her as part of our family and rescue.