Angel Maggie's
Memorial Sanctuary

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Nutmeg is a sweet lionhead boy bunny who was rescued from Salt Lake City, Utah. He was being housed at a co-op where they were going to take him back to a shelter to be euthanized. He had severe sore hocks and a break in his rear left foot. After multiple vet visits, daily wound care, surgery and a biopsy he is fully recovered. He does require special care and close monitoring since he will be very susceptible to sore hocks due to his deformities in his feet. He is a very happy healthy lucky loved little boy.

Update: We are currently battling sore hocks again :( We are keeping it open to air, cleaned extensively and kept on clean dry bedding to maintain infection control.
Sweet little Furiosa came to us from a wildlife rehabber who could no longer keep her due to state regulations. We took her and several other rabbits who are up for adoption now. Furiosa will remain with us due to her head tilt and chronic runny nose. We watch for signs of distress in her due to the possibility of E.C. She is a very sweet girl who loves soft bedding and head and ear rubs. We love her and all her wobbliness ;)
Tullie was rescued off the streets of Gallatin right before the floods of 2010. She was just a baby at around 10 weeks of age and was clearly a result of Easter breeding. She is a special case cause she does not trust humans of any kind. She tolerates us long enough to have her enclosure cleaned or to be groomed and that's it. She recently lost her bond mate Buddy of 5 years. She is doing well and we are hoping to bond her to a new friend soon.

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